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Now all this is a bold claim, but also true.

Until 2003, there was no sure-fire and reliable way to ensure venomous snake shows were safe.

Yes, you could get barriers to keep people away from the snakes, but of course they could be breached by jumping over them.  Even locked cages were breachable.

A few years back a man cut a locked door to enter a reptile house at a Sydney Zoo to steal a dangerously venomous Jaffa Snake.

In another incident a member of the public jumped into a pit at John Weigel's Somersby Reptile Park and started to play with a deadly Tiger Snake.

A few years before that, David Kerry stole some snakes from an exhibit at Sydney's Taronga Zoo by going straight through the glass front of the cage!

Noting that Zoos like Taronga, Melbourne, Weigel's Reptile Park and others all have venomous snakes on display, either in open "pits", glass fronted cages or similar, there is always an element of risk to the public.

This has never been eliminated and that is why there have been serious snake bites and even deaths from snake bite in the past.

Public reptile displays with snakes at agricultural shows with venomous snakes are of course even riskier.

You see there's the ever-present risk of handler or public getting a venomous snake bite.

Every year in Australia, numerous snake handlers get serious life threatening or fatal snakebites.

However in 2003, and in a world first, Australia's snake expert, Raymond Hoser, developed a fool-proof way to make venomous snake shows safe.

Via internal excision, Hoser was able to surgically devenomize snakes, making them totally and permenantly non-venomous.

All adverse bite risks were removed with these “venomoid snakes”.

Because, since early 2004, all Snakebusters snakes used in venomous snake shows are devenomized they are all totally safe.

Now this move to enhance and guarantee public safety should have been hailed as a breakthrough by governments and regulatory authorities, but this has not been the case.

Because of the incestuous relationship between the Victorian Government Wildlife Department (called Department of Sustainabilty and Environment, or "DSE"), and other less experienced wildlife demonstrators who lack the expertise to devenomize snakes, the DSE has sought to outlaw further devenomizing of snakes and to demonize everything to do with devenomized snakes, solely to shore up the competitive position of inferior demonstrators.

This scandalous position has been further pushed to corruptly and illegally allow Melbourne Zoo, Healesville Sanctuary and various inexperienced reptile demonstrators to routinely breach the Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004, by using venomous snakes for reptile displays, without being devenomized and therefore posing a risk to both handlers and the public.

There is a huge public shame file of serious venomous snake bites involving "Zoos Victoria" and inexperienced reptile demonstrators, in the period since 2005 (when the OH and S Act came into force), for which neither the DSE or worksafe have prosecuted the offenders.

This corrupt failure to enforce safety laws against these transgressors continues to put the public at risk.

In an interview on 30 June 2010, DSE Enforcement head, Glen Sharp stated he was protecting various others from prosecution for safety related offences they had committed.

Meanwhile, DSE staff have since 2006 made the totally false claim that the Snakebusters venomoid snakes have regenerated their venom.

This has been proven a lie on many occasions and yet they continue to peddle the lie.

In fact, on 1 July 2010, internationally renowned regeneration expert, Dr. Wolfgang Flachenberger of South Australia, stated that it was totally impossible for venomoid snakes to regenerate venom glands.

This should have ended the false claims in their tracks, but unfortunately it hasn't.

However there are a few facts worth repeating here:

Snakebusters are the only people in Australia with surgically devenomized snakes used in their venomous reptile shows, reptile displays, school reptile incursions and snake handling courses.

Snakebusters are the only snake handlers who can guarantee public safety at all their Melbourne reptile shows, kids parties, birthday parties, school shows, corporate reptile displays in Melbourne, Victoria.

Reptile shows, snake handling courses, party entertainment, childrens birthday parties and snake shows with all other Melbourne, Victorian or Australian companies with venomous snakes are a safety risk!

Snakebusters kids parties, birthday party, Melbourne snake shows, reptile shows, Melbourne displays are the only safe deadly reptile shows in Australia.

It is for this and other reasons that Snakebusters now have the legally enforceable trademark, Australia's best reptiles.

Being guaranteed safe for venomous snake shows is why Snakebusters reptile shows are the best, not only in Melbourne, but in all parts of Australia.

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