reptile party bookingCosts of getting Snakebusters® Australia's best reptiles®.

Why do reptile parties cost more than say “clowns” or other entertainers and educators?

It’s a question we get asked a lot and here’s some of the answer.

Most other “entertainers” or “educators” simply get in their car, go to the venue and do their job.

Maybe there’s a change of clothes and a few props, but it’s pretty much an “in and out” affair, which means that when the entertainer gets home, the work is all done.

For a Snakebustersâ reptile party, the work only begins when you get home.

Loading and unloading the reptiles takes about an hour at each end of the trip.

Then the animals must be fed and cleaned.  This is a seven day a week job and is usually done morning and night.

That adds to the cost immediately, as it’s time spent behind the scenes, rather than doing “paid jobs”.

Then there’s the so-called hidden costs.  Besides the one-off investments in infrastructure like land and buildings and cages and the like, there are the far greater on going costs.

These include food (at about $1 per rodent), which sounds OK, except when you can feed of several hundred in a sitting!

Then there’s medicines and preventative drugs.  Some of these are not cheap.

Add to that insurances and permit fees and the costs go even higher.

Most of these costs are not seen by other entertainment or education business.

For Snakebusters, the insurance side of thing is particularly irksome.

After a few inexperienced Melbourne snake handlers got bitten by deadly because they were clueless as to how to properly handle them at public shows and they had recklessly taken into public snakes that had not been devenomized, our annual insurance premium went up five-fold overnight.

Noting that in 40 years of reptile handling, Raymond Hoser and Snakebustersâ are alone in the industry with a perfect safety record, it is galling that we and our customers must pay for the recklessness of others.

However, for our future customers, one thing remains clear.  They can breathe easy noting that Snakebusters are alone in Australia always using a vet certified surgically devenomized snake in the deadly snake shows for all specimens and species shown.  So while other less experienced snake handlers may put themeselves, their staff and their customers at risk of fatal snakebite on a daily basis, this risk doesn’t happen at any Snakebusters snake shows.

So while the only hands on Australian reptiles display with Snakebusters may cost more than other entertainers or educators, it really is Australia’s best value for money when you get Australia’s best reptilesâ at your place.

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